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Due Dates

The university has not released all of their due dates for each award yet. Unannounced dates in this chart were based on an estimated university due date (taking into account the due date for the previous year) and may need to be adjusted if the university’s actual due date is sooner than the estimated due date. Any adjustments to due dates will be made as early as possible and the college will be notified as soon as they are made.

AwardCoordinatorDue to Dept / Unit HeadDue to Review Group (Full Package)Due to NomineeDue to DeanEstimated Due to University
Dr. John S. Risley Entrepreneur of the YearZhang6.
Innovator of the YearZhang6.
Global Engagement InstituteWest8.
University Faculty ScholarZhang8.
O. Max GardnerZhangn/a8.
Board of Governors Excellence in TeachingJoines8.
Provost’s Award for Excellence in TeachingJoines8.
Holladay MedalZhang9.21.2310.12.2310.26.2311.6.2311.15.23
Outstanding TeacherJoines9.27.2310.25.2311.8.2311.22.2311.29.23
Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate ProfessorJoines10.4.2311.1.2311.15.2311.29.2312.6.23
Gertrude CoxJoines11.6.2311.27.2312.
Outstanding Extension and EngagementWest11.21.2312.
Outstanding Global EngagementWest11.20.2312.
Alumni Distinguished Graduate ProfessorshipJoines11.17.2312.
Outstanding Research / RLAZhang12.
Jackson RigneyWest11.20.2312.