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Jackson Rigney Award

Important Dates:
11.20.23   Packages are due to department/unit heads – contact your department/unit head for what is required
12.20.23   Full packages are due to the Award Review Group – department/unit heads submit nominations (up to 1) – nominees to email materials to Melissa Sharp and Andre West
1.15.24    Award Review Group selects college nomination; all nominees are notified; comments and suggestions on package are due to the college nominee
1.24.24   Final package is due to the dean’s office – nominee to email it to the dean’s EA
2.15.24  Package is due to the university – Dean’s EA will submit

Wilson College of Textiles Nomination Limit: 1

Award Review Group (* by position): (previous faculty ext/eng winner), (previous staff ext/eng winner), Behnam Pourdeyhimi*, Melissa Sharp*, Andre West*

Award Website:

Award Information
This award is to recognize the distinguished contributions of a faculty or staff member at North Carolina State University for the promotion of international understanding and service to the university and/or to the international community over the course of their career.

Active and full-time faculty and staff who have been employed by NC State for a minimum of five years at the time of nomination, and who have achieved distinction in international service through their life time work in terms of scholarly activity in teaching, research, and public service shall be eligible for nomination. Nominees should have evidence of going above and beyond normal job responsibilities to achieve excellence in international work. Teaching, research and public service activities shall be considered of equal significance, with exceptional performance in one or more areas being the bases of distinction.