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Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professorship

Note: All internal due dates are currently based on an estimated university due date. If the actual university due date is sooner than the estimated date, internal due dates may need to be updated. Any changes to due dates will be communicated as quickly as possible.

Important Dates:
11-17-23    Packages are due to department heads – contact your department head for what is required
12-15-23   Full packages are due to the Award Review Group – department heads submit nominations (up to 2) – nominees to email materials toJeff Joines and Selina Williams
1-5-24    Award Review Group selects college nominations; all nominees are notified; comments and suggestions on packages are due to the college nominees
1-19-24    Final packages are due to the dean’s office – nominees to email them to the dean’s EA
2-2-24     (Estimated) Packages are due to the university – Dean’s EA will submit

Wilson College of Textiles Nomination Limit: 2

Award Review Group (* by position): Emiel DenHartog*, Jeff Joines*, Abdel-Fattah Seyam*, Xiangwu Zhang*, grad student

Award Website:

Award Information
The Alumni Association Distinguished Graduate Professorship recognizes outstanding graduate level teaching at North Carolina State University. All members of the graduate faculty are eligible for nomination.