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Nomination Limits

  • Where there is a limit on how many nominations the college can submit to the university, each department / unit is allowed to submit up to the same number to the Review Group.
  • Example: ADUP has a college limit of two, TATM can submit up to two and TECS can submit up to two.

Nomination Package Requirements

  • If you are interested in submitting a package for an award that has a college limit, please contact your department head / unit leader to find out what is required at that stage in the process. 
  • Full packages will be due to the Review Group.

Process Flow

  • If you are interested in submitting a package for an award that does not have a college limit, please submit the full package to the coordinator listed in the Due Dates table.
  • Review Groups will assess all packages being submitted to the university and offer suggestions on content and formatting.
  • The decision on which packages will be submitted to the university (if there are more than the college limit received) will be made by the Review Group.
  • The executive assistant to the dean will submit all staff, teaching, research, extension and engagement award packages to the university. The director of academic services will submit advising award packages. The director of scholarships will submit student award packages.